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Extra Long Drills

Extra Long Miniature Coated Carbide Drills for Stainless steel

Brand Name: ZLY TOOLS 
Material: Coated tungsten carbide 
Type: Extra long miniature twist drills 
Helix angle: Right hand 
Drilling depth: up to 30xD 
Coating: TiAlN coating 
Workpiece Material: For stainless steel, general steel
Coolant supply: without coolant hole 
Product features:  
1 Diameter range: 0.1-0.5mm  
2 Up to 30xD depth 
3;TiAlN coated, excellent chip evacuation  
4 This product line with diameter 0.2-0.35mm is specially designed for the deep hole machining of Melt-Blown Spinneret, the key machine part for the Non-Woven fabric production regarding the face mask.
    micro drill bits 0.2mm extra long solid carbide drill bit for stainless steel 

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