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Custom Drills

Solid carbide twist step drills 12mm with key slot shank for stainless steel drilling TiAlN coating

Brand Name: ZLY TOOLS
Material: Tungsten Carbide / Solid carbide
Type: Twist drills, step drills
Helix angle: right hand spiral 30degree
Point angle: 130°
Coating: TiAlN
Workpiece material: For stainless steel 303, SS304, SS316, cast iron, also for Titanium alloys
Coolant supply:external or dry drilling
Shank: round shank or key slot on shank

Product features: 
1 Key slotting on shank of tools which adapt for the machine requirement,friendly use
2 Sharp tip of carbide drill, optimized core diameter make the good performance 
3 Strengthened cutting edge and TiAlN coating improves the tool life
    Keyseat cutter carbide composite bit China manufacturer 
    The design and manufacture of custom carbide cutting tools to your exact specification is what ZLY tools does best. 
    We appreciate the need for speed and take particular pride in our ability to supply you with exactly the tool you need in the shortest possible time from order to delivery.

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