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Grooving Tool

Internal Groove Turning Tool-Solid Carbide Groove Turning Bar Coated

Tool Name: Internal Groove Turning Bar
For: Internal radial groove turning
Material: Solid Carbide, TiN Coated
Minimum Through Hole Dia: 6mm
Cutting Width: 1.0mm; 1.5mm; 2.0mm
Cutting Depth: 1.5mm
Working Depth: 20mm
Workpiece material: P, M, K, N
    Solid carbide boring bars designed for face grooving, full-radius grooving, back turning applications, also boring tools created to perform thread relief, chamfering, and grooving operations. In addition it can also be used for general turning jobs.

    These tools are made for the high-tech, medical & small components industries. They can be used in machining centers, or with conventional machines. Boring tools with through-coolant which enabling the cooling fluid to reach the cutting edge efficiently.

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