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HSS Taps

HSS coated tap roll forming machine taps M4 for steel blind hole

Brand Name: ZLY TOOL
Series: forming tap M4*0.7
Material: HSS,HSS-PM(Powder matallurgy)
Coating: TiN
Lead lenghth: 2.5P
Tolerance Class: RH6 Thread: coarse-pitch thread
Tips: sharp or flat tip
Workpiece material: Steel

Product feature:
1 HSS-Powder matallurgy materials for tap can ensures the longer tool life
2 TiN coating promotes the workpiece surface and tool life, while cut the cutting force down
3 Tolerance class differs according to the customer‘s requirement

    Specification Tolerance class
    M1.0*0.25 RH4
    M1.2*0.25 RH4
    M1.4*0.3 RH4
    M1.6*0.35 RH4
    M1.7*0.35 RH4
    M1.8*0.35 RH4
    M2*0.4 RH4
    M2.5*0.45 RH4
    M2.6*0.45 RH4
    M3*0.5 RH5
    M4*0.7 RH6
    M5*0.8 RH6
    M6*1.0 RH7
    M8*0.25 RH7
    M10*1.5 RH7
    M12*1.75 RH8
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